Saturday, July 9, 2011

American Folk Art: Joe Marinelli's Colorful Folk Fish Carvings

Folky Grouper three dimensional wall hanging by Joe Marinelli 

Joe Marinelli has carved fish for more than 15 years and his folksy style fish are creations he's developed throughout that time. He loves to carve and paint in a folk art style with exaggerated fins, lips & eyes and decorated with bright Island/ Key West colors. Joe's favorite fish to create is a hanging full scale three dimensional carving of a grouper. What's not to love about these colorful Island inspired fish...they're folksy fabulous!

The Great Marlin Fish cabinet by Joe Marinelli.

"Woodworking is part of me, Joe stated. My grandfather was a cabinet maker from Italy." He started building his own furniture when he was 22 and over the past few years started incorporating fish carvings into his furniture. His inspiration for his fish carvings comes from time spent kayaking bodies of water around his lake community in Millville, New Jersey. He observes nature through his frequent outings and interprets them into his dynamic folk art style.

Joe Marinelli's "Folky Fish" carvings on board and painted in colorful Key West colors.

I first discovered Joe Marinelli's folk carvings in an art magazine article that featured his carvings with other American folk artists. I loved them and had to have them in our gallery. There colorful, folksy, a bit outrageous, contemporary, unique and I love to look at them each and every day. They will fit well  into just about any American folk collection.

Folksy Sailfish carving on board with weathered paint finish by Joe Marinelli.

Joe's folk fish wall art and furnishings is the perfect art creations for the coastal home with it's distinct marine subjects and colorful tropical colors used, indicative of  buildings throughout the Bahamas and Caribbean Islands. I can see these used in so many interior applications. Even though Joe's art style is somewhat defined, each of his pieces are one-of-a-kind originals.

Folksy Grouper by Joe Marinelli can be viewed from the upper entry level at this Virginia Beach coastal home.

You can see more of Joe Marinelli's Folk Fish creations in person at Skipjack Nautical Wares & Marine Gallery in historic Olde Towne Portsmouth, Virginia or by visiting  Joe Marinelli on Skipjack's web gallery by following the link above.
For more American folk artists works, visit Skipjack's American Folk Art & Sailor Art.

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