Thursday, May 27, 2010

Decorate Your Porch With A Nautical Flair

Coastal Style Living recently published a photograph titled "Nautical Themed Porch" from an article in Country Sampler Magazine featuring a white painted porch with arched side entry and lattice walls. The porch is adorned with vintage netted glass float balls (hanging) and repainted vintage oars.  (See picture below)

Want to create a similar look like this for your home? Here's a few links to available sources to buy these products.
A large selection of vintage lifeboat oars at Skipjack Nautical Wares
Vintage lifeboat oars are available in both natural and painted in an old orange or red; some with the stenciled name of the ship that it once belonged. A number of these retain great old leather-wrapped grips. These oars look great cleaned and waxed or repaint them to your choice of colors.  For information, click here to the link.

Colorful netted glass floatballs are available in a range of colors and sizes.
Netted float balls made today in the orient can be found in a range of colors, predominately shades of red, blue and green but can also be found in purple, yellow and orange. these are thick blown-glass balls with pontils and hand-tied netting.  Vintage float balls can also be found in a range of sizes (and shapes) with the smallest around the size of a golf ball and are typically found in light bottle green and blue, amber and darker glass colors. Here is a link to the float balls pictured above. Float balls.

Want to share your sources with us? Just add your comment and provide us with the info! 

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